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            登錄 支持培訓 合作伙伴 行業 服務 產品方案 關于我們


            貝爾實驗室中國致力于公司未來的技術及架構愿景,并推動整個產業的演進。它以貝爾實驗室的顛覆性創新能力為依托,引領創新, 創造未來;同時在知識產權領域不斷實現突破,為公司未來可持續的差異化優勢和核心標準奠定堅實的基礎。
            The Bell Labs & CTO would set the company’s technology and architecture vision, and shape the industry as a whole. It would leverage the power of the Bell Labs disruptive research to invent the future, drive thought leadership and create a unique intellectual property that would provide a strong basis for sustained future differentiation and essential standards.
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