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            登錄 支持培訓 合作伙伴 行業 服務 產品方案 關于我們




            Our customers and the communities in which we operate expect us to be reliable partners. Similarly, our shareholders expect us to do business the right way – by earning, through lawful and ethical competitive advantages, a sound return on their investments. Our entire business is built on trust; in fact our stakeholders will not call on us without it. Nokia Shanghai Bell (hereafter be referred to as “NSB”)’s Code of Conduct expresses our personal commitment to earn this trust every day, in each community and in all of our business activities. It reflects our values through clear and simple direction for all of our employees and business partners.


            Please click the language of your choice to view the Code of Conduct in your desired language:


            Nokia Shanghai Bell Commercial Third Party Code of Conduct

            As a third party doing business with Nokia Shanghai Bell, you and your colleagues play a critical role in our mutual success every day. In partnering with us, and in sharing your expertise, services, technical assistance, materials and goods, you are an integral part of a broader Nokia Shanghai Bell community that is working to fulfill the expectations of our customers. One of the critical expectations of our customers, and of those who regulate our work, is that we act fully in compliance with applicable law and to the highest ethical standards. In support of this critical expectation, Nokia Shanghai Bell has a dedicated Commercial Third Party Code of Conduct to address the unique needs of the relationship with commercial third parties.
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